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Book Launch: The Apostle Jesus, The Kingdom Among You – Barry Starliper

Book Launch: The Apostle Jesus, The Kingdom Among You – Barry Starliper

Barry Starliper’s new book, “The Apostle Jesus“, is out now. Barry has taught our 9 o’clock classes related to the topic of “the Kingdom” recently, and has been a part of the World Harvest Outreach family since our early years.  We are excited for Barry’s book launch, and will be having a signing party on Sunday, November 23rd.

About the book:

The Apostle Jesus - Barry Starliper Much of what is called “apostolic” in the church today does not measure up to the biblical model, says Barry Starliper in The Apostle Jesus. In many cases, the so-called “apostolic” has become simply another avenue for self-styled “apostles” to exert control over other believers. True apostolic ministry takes after the ministry of Jesus Christ, the first Apostle, or “sent one,” from God. Jesus came to inaugurate the Kingdom of heaven, not establish an institution. He came to liberate the lost, not found a religion. Unfortunately, the body of Christ on earth got off track almost from the beginning: “Jesus came preaching the Kingdom, and what arrived was the Church.” After His ascension and the deaths of all the original apostles, the non-sectarian, egalitarian family of believers that Christ called together as His “church,” His body on earth, morphed into the “Church,” a rigid, institutionalized religious edifice full of rituals, rules, and hierarchies of authority that are completely foreign to the Kingdom of heaven that Christ preached. Religion has replaced dynamic relationships with the living Word of God, the Apostle Jesus. In The Apostle Jesus, Barry Starliper unpacks these issues and reveals the true church, the true Kingdom of heaven—and the true Jesus—you have always wanted to know.

Find out more from Barry at his website.

Book Launch: The Apostle Jesus, The Kingdom Among You - Barry Starliper
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