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This Wilderness (Thoughts from Ashley Wiley)

This Wilderness (Thoughts from Ashley Wiley)

Ashley shared the following post on her blog.  Click over here to read the rest.  We love the heart of Jesus in you, Ash.


And now
I will allure her
Lead her off into this desert place
Speak softly toward her
She will respond as in the day
When she was fresh out of bondage
The chains they fell
Freed her hands
With Me she came
And said…

I will meet You in this wilderness
See You through all of my pain and my distress
The confusion and hunger
I won’t be crushed under…


This Wilderness (Thoughts from Ashley Wiley)
Article Name
This Wilderness
...Higher Shown me glimpses of promised lands to come Flowing with milk and honey I won't believe the reports that say there's none...
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