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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  “World Harvest Outreach” sounds very missions-oriented.  What is WHO’s heart for the nations?

A:  Jesus’s love and authority is for every corner of the world.  Psalm 2 promises that the nations are the inheritance of the children of God.  Jesus promises the Holy Spirit in Acts so whether its friends in our neighborhood or those around the world, they can all experience His love.  WHO empowers people so they can GO – to their job, to their city, to the nations of the earth.  Psalm 115 tells us God gave the earth the sons of men.  We take that as a directive, a mandate and love mission.


Q:  So WHO is ‘non-denominational.’  Can you explain this?

A:  Instead of embracing a specific, divisional church identity, we embrace all children of God.  We are intentionally open to all who genuinely seek the Lord and their identity in Him.  Our corporate gatherings are designed for anyone to experience the presence and love of the Father.  See “What We Believe” for more insight.


Q:  I notice WHO doesn’t have membership.  How do I know when I’m ‘in’?

A:  All of us are on a journey.  WHO recognizes this and seeks to empower people to continue in their pursuit of their purpose in God.  Some find a temporary respite here and others have become foundational pillars of the WHO family.  We don’t want people to feel obligated by membership.  Instead, we leave your status at WHO up to you.  You can be as involved as you want to be.  We will embrace you no matter where you are in your journey.


Q:  Can you explain WHO’s leadership structure?

A:  Acts 15 shows us the apostle’s leading the new and growing church.  As issues arose, they counseled with elders who provided wisdom.  This is our model.  We have a devoted, passionate leadership team fully in love with Jesus and His people.  We have elders – both within our family and without – who secure us with sound wisdom and experience.


Q:  What is your benevolence policy?  Do you help with rent, gas money, or furniture?

A:  We do not have dedicated programs for assistance with those needs.  Because of past programs, we still appear on several outdated contact lists for general aid, so we understand the confusion.  If you are looking for an immediate resource, such as funding for gas or other emergencies, we are not equipped to respond to those needs.

The heart of WHO is relational.  That means we want to spend life with you, meet with you, pray with you, and work with the Lord to see your needs met–both physical and spiritual.  We find that a person in spiritual health often finds resolution of his physical needs.  If you are seeking a people who will invest time in you, see your value, and provide love and life counsel, that is our heart.


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