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The Durniak Family

Mark and Dawn Durniak

  • Married in 1993 and have 4 kids: Lauren, Madison, Meghan & Anderson
  • Co-founded WHO with Gene & Karen Strite in 1995
  • Mark is a dynamic and gifted teacher, with a deep love for God and His people. Dawn is gifted in prophetic ministry and has a heart for the nations.
  • Mark loves chocolate (but don’t mess it up by adding fruit or mint).  Dawn thrives locally as a successful businesswoman (might we recommend Fuddruckers for your next night out?)

Mark often sends written thoughts to the e-mail list; they are also posted here on the site.  View them here

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The WHO leadership structure takes its inspiration from two fundamental examples – Acts 15 and the family unit.
A dissension arose between Paul and Barnabas and some men who were teaching strict adherence to Jewish custom in order to be saved. Paul and Barnabas sought the counsel of the apostles and elders in Jerusalem on the matter.  The apostles were those whom Jesus chose specifically to lead the church.  The elders were those with experience and wisdom who had the same mind and love for the church as the apostles.  The apostles guided the church forward in the presence of elders who provided wise counsel to them and the flock of God.
The family is the most basic relational unit of society.  We believe that it is the Father’s chosen context of natural and spiritual development. The culture of father and son is a much more prevalent model scripturally and in everyday life than pastor/leader and congregant/member. This is the culture of WHO – a loving family that empowers people into fullness.  Abram’s household in Genesis 14:14 – 318 trained men, born in his house who defeat 5 kings armies – is our inspiration and example.
Our leaders are anointed, called individuals upon who the Lord has evidently placed His hand.  They are those who have developed the heart and nature of the Father through intimate relationship with Jesus.  We see every human as a child of God.  With that perspective, the Father’s heart in our leaders seeks to raise up sons and daughters by connecting them to their original identity in their Father.  Through the context of spiritual family, people are empowered in love to fulfill their unique personal and corporate purpose.


The Pence Family

Chris & Jocelyn Pence

  • Married in 2003 and have 3 daughters: Amberle, Rikka & Carabelle
  • Chris is easy to like, with a friendly demeanor and a wide variety of comical t-shirts.  He serves in the Air Force reserves, repairing the computer systems in planes.  He is very smart and handles our technology (thank goodness!)
  • Jocelyn = love.  Her heart loves children, which is why she heads our Childrens’ Dept.  She also enjoys travel and good food.

Read Jocelyn’s WHO Kids! blog here


The Roat Family

Erin & Jen Roat 

  • Married in 1997 and have 2 daughters: Julia and Emily
  • Erin works in distribution leadership; Jen gives excellent manicures and pedicures and loves to care for her family.
  • Erin and Jen enjoy being active–biking, hiking, running, walking.
  • They truly love people, often lending their time, hospitality, listening ears, compassion, and energy in selfless service to anyone around them.


Kendal Trader

Kendal Trader

  • Kendal and his wife Mary were married in 1982.
  • Custom gold/silver-smith with KFB Jewelers for many years.
  • He absolutely loves Italian food, as well as peanut butter.
  • His passion is to see the Body of Christ come into unity and maturity.


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There is a group of spiritual fathers – both among us and without us – who provide counsel and wisdom in this journey.  These fathers are elders in the kingdom.  They have experienced multiple seasons in the church and have a perspective beyond our leaders that is invaluable. Along with their wisdom, they have a deep love for God and the WHO family.  They are trusted voices who provide a multi-generational vision to our leaders and family as a whole.

Our fathers include: Harold & Linda Eberle (Worldcast Ministries), Brian & Sharon Kisner (Brian Kisner Outreach – Need to Pray), Wayne & Ruth Kuhns (Spring of Hope), Randy & Corey Strombeck (Koinonia), Andy Carey, Don & Joan Carty, and Rod Martin.


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