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Who is WHO?

Who is WHO?

Sunday mornings, 10am

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Our Heart:  The Vision, The Mission, Our Core Values

The Vision: An empowered family advancing the Father’s culture in all the earth

The Mission:  We will love, equip and release mature sons and daughters of the Father by connecting them to their original identity in Him.

Our Core Values:
Jesus is Center
Love is Our Standard
Authentic Family
Honor All People
Identity-Driven Action


Who Is WHO?

World Harvest Outreach (WHO) is a work that began in 1995, in response to a deep desire to see the Kingdom come!  Our vision–our singular goal–is to empower people to advance the Kingdom in the earth.

It is our heartbeat to equip, activate and release effective disciples of Christ.  We do this by connecting them to their original identity and purpose in God.  And as WHO is the people, we are a work in progress, continuously evolving according to our growth in the Lord and our love for one another.  To put it honestly, we know we’re not perfect–in fact, it is our flaws that endear us to each other, that make our house a safe place to be.  WHO is a culture of Jesus, manifested as his body, with each strength and gift coming together, each given according our Father’s endowment.

Within our body are individuals who are growing into, and who have matured in, their pastoral, apostolic, prophetic, evangelistic and educational hearts.  Officially identifying or employing these roles does not validate their gifts in the sight of the Lord.  We are enthusiastic about each person’s freedom to operate organically in the earth, without the complications that can be spawned by the legalism of an official title.  WHO is a safe place to return to who you really are–and to whom you were originally designed to be–within the uniting love of Jesus and his church.


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