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Prayer & Intercession

Prayer & Intercession

What is prayer?  Prayer is active communication with God.  It is a two-way action that involves talking to God and listening for his response. Prayer is much like communicating with another person.  When people communicate, they share with others what is important to them.

Prayer is similar because we talk with God about what is important to us and we listen for his response.  Prayer helps us develop a closer relationship with The Lord.  The more we pray, the closer we draw to God and the more we recognize his sovereignty and importance in our lives.   Jesus gave the disciples a model for pray in Matthew 6:9-13 when they asked him to teach them to pray.  Jesus’ model teaches us how to approach God in prayer.  It also teaches us to request God’s
will, ask for provision and forgiveness and to recognize that we need to forgive others.

What is intercession? According to The Free Dictionary, intercession is “entreaty in favor of another, especially a prayer or petition to God on behalf of another.”  Intercession therefore, is the process of going before God in prayer to ask Him to respond to the needs of another person. Jesus interceded for mankind when during his crucifixion, he cried out “Father, forgive them for they know not what they do!”

World Harvest Outreach encourages both prayer and intercession. We have a prayer group that meets before the start of services every Sunday morning to pray for the needs of others and to ask for an outpouring of the Holy Spirit.  We also have a group of intercessors who seek God in prayer on behalf of others who are experiencing struggles in their lives.  We believe prayer and intercession are
important to a growing relationship with God, and we encourage each other to approach God in prayer during services on behalf of others for the edification and growth of the body.

If you need to request prayer, use the form below.  Your need will be confidentially dispersed to our team of intercessors.

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Prayer & support in advancing God’s kingdom in the marketplace.  Open to all interested.  Meets here at WHO at 6am on Tuesday  mornings.  For more info, contact the office.



WHO receives a large amount of mail requesting funds and support to various charitable organizations and ministries.  While we support those we can, the list below is provided for your personal prayer walk.  Take a moment to read the following list and allow the Spirit to guide you on how to pray for, or perhaps even support, these organizations.

This list will change periodically, so check back intermittently for updates.

  • Central Pennsylvania Food Bank  link
  • Cove Valley Christian Youth Camp  link
  • FUSE (Christian Fellowship): Operation Richard Street
  • NETwork Ministries  link

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