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Worship, Music & Creativity


Several of our worship leaders write original, powerful worship music.   Click here to download guitar tabs and lyrics to songs written by WHO musicians.  Please honor all copyright privileges of the writers as you enjoy their work.



Jim Bryson was born with a rare condition called Splineless Bone-oscopy.  Because of this, he has no internal skeleton, and exists as a 400 lb. blob of skin, fat and muscle tissue.  He is kept alive by floating in a clear Plexiglass tank of saline solution which is pumped with nutrients that he absorbs through his skin.  Unable to move, he manages to write by reflecting light off the retina of his left eye onto the side of his tank.  A team of dedicated assistants record the flickers and deduce the alphabetic letter that Jim intends.

This arduous task of interpretation is made more difficult by the fact that Jim was also born speaking an ancient dialect of Mesopotamian, for which there are few direct translations to English.  Nonetheless, Jim and his sturdy team persevere.  They are currently at work on a political thriller based  on daily life in the White House. Four More Years for Every Day, or My Life In The Goldfish Bowl is expected to be out in hardcover in the year 2073.  Give or take.

Editor’s note: This has been a glimpse into the creative mind of our beloved Jim Bryson, a venture which must be reserved for only the most brave and adventurous of souls.


Book: Eternity for EverydayMark Durniak    |  Recently, Mark published his first book, entitled Eternity for Everyday.  More information on his book, as well as how to purchase, is available here on the WHO Store page (click here)






Love Remains Audio CDDenver Martin   |  Recently Denver released his first CD, entitled Love Remains.  You will be drawn into his heart for writing worship music.  More information on this album, as well as how to purchase, on the WHO Store page.  (click here)




"Signs" by Dean SmithDean Smith   |  In March 2012, Dean published his first young-adult fiction novel, entitled Signs.

Description:  “I think there must be a flaw in the genetic make up of most males. We almost have an instinctive desire to self-destruct. A lot of it is due to peer pressure which is second only to divine power as a source of making unexplainable things happen in the universe.  Guys have this deranged notion that if they stick their tongue to the frozen stop sign or if they chug chocolate milk until they throw up or if they see who can hold a mouthful of Tabasco sauce the longest before spewing, then that determines who’s the real man among us. I know it’s dysfunctional, but it’s the rites of passage…”

Available on  |  5 stars



Painting: Surrender and Release Unto God - by Karissa DeYoung
“Surrender and Release Unto God” by Karissa DeYoung
Painting by Emily Coon
“Red Tree” by Emily Coon
Trayer Wiley’s “Grassfairies”



Hand work by Dallas Browning
Primitives by Emily Dodson



Who Folks: if you would like to display a piece of your artwork here, or would like to let the WHO office know of other talents in our house, contact Diane at the WHO office.


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