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We believe that to “be prophetic” is as human as it is divine.  Biblical prophecy is sight.  It is the ability to see beyond the natural to the realities of the heart and spirit.  Its intent is to strengthen, console and encourage people.

Prophecy is the voice of God in everyday life.  It requires human partnership.  When the eyes of a man’s heart open, what is seen becomes more valuable than what is seen with his natural eye.  The prophetic spirit is now engaged.  The spiritual reality apprehended through this sight prompts the seer to speak what is seen.  This declaration is the summation of prophecy.

In the end, the spirit of prophecy is the testimony of Jesus (Rev 19:10).  This is the glory of prophecy – what it sees and declares is the light and beauty of the Lord in people.  It is the revelation of God’s fatherhood and authorship of man’s nature.

This is one of the highest human achievements – to see and announce the greatness of God in people.

For biblical relevance, see Romans 12, I Corinthians 12 -14.


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