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Audio Podcasts

Audio Podcasts

There are many ways to connect yourself to our audio podcasts.

Want to listen here, from our site?  Click here

Our audio podcasts are also available on your mobile devices, computers and gaming consoles, including Apple, Android, Windows or Blackberry.  Need help figuring out how to find us on your device?

Click here for video tutorials, or use the links below (if you’re already comfortable with your device and podcast apps).

Want to listen from your Apple device?  Click here or search “World Harvest Outreach” from your podcast app

Want to listen from your Android device?  Search “World Harvest Outreach” from  your podcast app (we recommend Podcast Addict (free) but there are others available in your Google Play store)

Want to listen from  your Windows device?   Search “World Harvest Outreach” in the Xbox Marketplace for Windows phones, or click here for screenshots to help guide you.

Blackberry information  – download the BlackBerry Podcast App and search for World Harvest Outreach..

Want to listen from your car dashboard, game console, web, or countless mobile devices? Click here for Stitcher Smart Radio or listen below:

Below is our Sunday morning live broadcast.  Come by and have a listen from 10-12 on Sunday mornings by selecting the live broadcast from the feed page (usually the top link).

Whocenterpa Youtube channel

Special thanks to Courtney Robertson for getting us set up in all these various podcast sources, and for putting together the tutorial videos on this page.


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