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How to Subscribe to a Podcast

You can now subscribe to our podcasts via mobile devices, computers, smart cars, and gaming consoles. Here are a few quick tutorials to help you get started subscribing on the places you prefer:

How to subscribe to a Podcast via iTunes on computers:

If you’d like to listen to podcasts on your computer, subscribe via iTunes.
Click to subscribe to WHO’s podcast

How to sync iTunes on the computer to your iOS devices:

If you occasionally listen to podcasts on your computer but also want to synchronize them to your mobile devices, you can.

How to subscribe to a podcast on iOS:

If the only way you want to receive a podcast is via your iOS device and not on the computer, subscribe via the Podcasts app.

How to subscribe to a podcast via Stitcher:

Stitcher is a mobile-based app, but it also works on video game consoles like your Playstation. Additionally, it will play via the web. Click here to subscribe.

How to subscribe to a podcast via Android’s Podcast Addict app:

RSS: Sermons –

*We’d love a video tutorial of how to subscribe if you are an Android user.

How to subscribe to a podcast via Xbox/Zune:

Xbox/Zune Support – detailed steps describing how to subscribe

How to subscribe to a podcast via Blackberry:

Blackberry Podcast App – Search for World Harvest Outreach. We’re very interested in any screenshots or videos experienced Blackberry users can share with us for this page.

Miro on Linux

Miro Video Player

To manually enter a podcast to your podcast device:

Sermons –


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